How to become the best at everything

I started blogging a few years ago, because I was enjoying reading about other people’s lives and the stories they had to tell. It inspired me and it was relaxing not to think about anything else. It was like reading a book, where you escape your own world for a while and just simply enjoy reading a story.
However, I dropped blogging myself for a while, because I felt like there were not a lot of interesting things going on in my life. And a few months ago, when I wanted to blog again and also had a bit of time to read other people’s blogs, it felt like it changed. Sometimes I feel like there are only blogs out there that tell you; How to make money with…. How to have a successful…. What you need to know… Get more traffic by doing…. 

You’re getting flooded now with self-help articles in the blogging world. And while I think it is nice to read a post to get something out of it and learn something, I feel like we’re taking it a bit too far. Where did the time go, that we just enjoyed reading about each other’s stories, travels or sense of fashion. When we were just getting to know about each other’s lives instead of only reading about how to make money with your blog, get more traffic, etc. 

I am more interested in your personal view on certain topics or what you have experienced when you were abroad, funny stories you have to share that happened to you. 
It used to feel like reading a story of a friend, while now I feel like I am reading posts of people that want to make money from their readers.

What is up with all the Instagram accounts that all have white backgrounds? Is your Instagram not gaining followers if everything in the background is super white? Why does it seem like all blogs are using the same type of font or specific objects in their pictures? Are you really unique from others, or are you just following the trend because it seems like everyone is doing it?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s great that some people were able turn their passion into a living and I absolutely encourage that. But we’re always talking about creating your own voice, be unique and be you, while in the meantime we’re actually all still doing the same again. 

So what I am trying to say is, try to share your stories, be unique by not following the crowd. What do you think about some things that are going on right now in the world? What do you value in life, what are you experiencing at the moment, where are you travelling to? Because I’d much rather read about that than about how to make money with my blog or how to get my life together in 30 days. 

Stay true to you.

Let me know what your view is on this.


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