Malta in pictures

I decided to put some of the best pictures I took on Malta & Gozo. Since I just started out with trying with photography, I want to edit my best photo’s and document them here on my blog. 

I found out that there is not a particular thing I look for in photography, I look at a lot of different things, landscapes, animals, light, etc. I am still trying to discover my own style, and try out different things. Are there any things you look at specifically when you are photographing something? I feel like sometimes I can take a lot of pictures at a place I have visited, but sometimes it still didn’t capture the moment. This is something I am trying to work on. 

Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures and if you maybe have any tips regarding photography, let me know! I am always eager to learn something from you.

Harbour in Gozo 
Gozo, view from the Citadella 

Marsa, a shy horse

Marsaskala, Limestone cliffs

Marsaskala, salt pans

Gzira, blurry night

St. Peter’s Pool

Birgu, one of the three cities

Valletta, older couple

View of Valletta from Sliema, the seafront

Marsaskala, Zion Reggae Bar

Marsaxlokk, a Luzzu 

Do you have any editing programs or website you recommend for editing pictures that are free? 

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