Self Love Challenge

I bought Mel Well’s book “The Goddess Revolution” I think about a year ago and only finished reading her book this year in July.  Then I was so inspired by it, I passed it on to a friend so she can read it when she is ready.

When I saw that Mel Wells was organizing a self-love advent challenge for free, I was super excited to jump in and join the challenge.

I signed up and there is an amazing Facebook Group with women all having trouble loving themselves. Everyone is super supportive of each other, giving each other advice and leaving lovely comments, it’s simply GREAT!

The one thing that I was surprised to see is that there are women in the group that have been through some really tough times and they still keep going and they all looked beautiful in my eyes but had trouble loving themselves.

And it made me think…. a lot. Why is it that girls/women always see each other as competition? And why are we always negative towards other women when they show confidence. I think it needs to be changed, how much nicer it would be if women would be cheering each other on. I believe that we would be capable of changing so much more in this world.

And of course, it is easier said than done. But ladies… we have to start with ourselves. We have to love ourselves and be confident and if you’re filled with love you don’t see women as competition because you know that everyone is their unique self.

What I have learned from this challenge is that I have to get to know myself better and I have to get comfortable with myself. Because it is only when you love yourself that you can fully love others.

One of the challenges was to do something new for yourself and I decided to take a life coach course. My friends always come to me for advice and in general people are comfortable with telling me a lot of personal things and I want to be able to help. This course will help me as well with finding out more in what is limiting me in what I really want to do.

You have to do what you want in life, people are always going to have opinions and judge you. The important thing is to not let that stop you from what you want to achieve in life. If you’re happy with moving to another place, do it. If you want to start learning something new, do it. If you want to make a change in your life, do it. And do it for you and not anyone else.

I want to leave you with this text from a song from The Rolling Stones – Driving too fast:

You can follow the road to the mountain 
Or the track leading down to the beach 
You can go where your life go left or go right 
It’s you in the driver’s seat. 

Now I will start reading my new books that just came in:
– Hungry for More by Mel Wells (her second book)
– The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK by Mark Manson.

If I finish the books I’ll maybe write a review about them if you are interested.

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