This is me, Anne. I am so happy that you stumbled across my blog. I truly hope that it will be of some help to you or that you will simply enjoy reading about my life here on Malta.

Here I wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you in case you don’t know me (yet) or have been following me online and would like to know a bit more.

I moved to Malta in 2018 to live with my boyfriend, now fiancé and father of our son.
The first time I visited Malta was in 2014, when I was 19 years old and doing an internship/study in English on this little island. I stayed for three months and always wanted to come back as I thought it was such a nice place with nice people and lovely weather. Then in 2017 I had the chance to do another internship (second study) for 5 months, and I decided to go again.

When I was in Malta for one month, and went for my first reggae party at a little club called “The Funky Monkey” in Gzira, I met Steven. Although I wasn’t looking for anything serious, we fell in love and after 5 months we thought we’d give a long distance relationship a try.

Now, here we are, living together with our son Sam in beautiful Malta.
This blog is where I want to share relationship advise, that worked for us, as we are both from completely different cultures. Steve is from The Gambia, a country in West-Africa, and I am from The Netherlands.

Of course I also want to share with you my experience as an expat, being pregnant, giving birth and raising a child in a different country.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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