Grocery shopping in another country

I wanted to talk to you about doing groceries in another country. Which I think is a most peculiar thing. Photo credit: whc7924 If you are from a Northern European country like Germany or The Netherlands, like me, you know that in the supermarket we have an endless amount of choices in different products. In this post... Continue Reading →

Back to the island

Yes, you read that correctly, I'm back on the island. Back in Malta to be more specific. As you might have read in one of my other posts on the blog, I am spending this year abroad for my study. I spent 5 months in Madrid attending a university and the other 5 months are... Continue Reading →

How I experienced Madrid

The last post I did was about tips for studying abroad solo. I wanted to write down what I did in Madrid the last 5 months and how I experienced it.I am going to be brutally honest with you in this post. Madrid is a huge city with 3.2 million people in it. As you... Continue Reading →

Daytrip to Segovia

In my last week of "freedom" here, when I still didn't have school or anything else to do I decided to take a daytrip to Segovia.Segovia is most popular because of its 2000 years old aqueduct. But they also have a lot of other old monuments and buildings. So I decided to check it out.... Continue Reading →

First week in Madrid

I have been in Madrid now for 3 weeks. The first week my mom was with me so she could see where I was going to live. We explored the city together and did a lot of sightseeing.Puerta del SolCalle CarmenBeginning of the Gran ViaWeapon of MadridThe first day we strolled around in the center... Continue Reading →

New Adventure: Madrid, Spain

Hey everyone,I am currently getting ready for my new adventure abroad which will be in the middle of August this year. I am very excited about the fact that I am going to be studying in Madrid for 6 months!source: I have finally confirmed my booking for a room, a little outside the city center... Continue Reading →

I see you baby

I cannot believe how long ago I posted something on my blog! Currently I am in my second year of my study and I am still super busy, which makes me miss out on blogging. But this year I am working on something new together with some other students.As I might have already told you,... Continue Reading →

Ljubljana – Slovenia

Hello my dear readers! I am so sorry I have abandoned  my blog for so long, but I didn't expect to be this busy with university. Next week we have an event at school which we have been working towards for quite a few weeks now. Although in the meantime I have been on a... Continue Reading →

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