Hello November

We are already a week into November and we can say "hello" to the cold autumn weather right now. The leaves are already abandoning the trees and are being carried away by the wind.Here are some things that will happen / I want to happen in November:1. Having a sleep-over at my best friends place... Continue Reading →

October List

source: PinterestOctober, the month of falling leaves, nature changing color, mushrooms on the ground and windy/rainy nights. Today I was completely drowning because of the rain and arrived with a soaking wet, sticking to your skin kind of jeans. But, I do love october. I have some fun things planned for the next coming weeks.... Continue Reading →

Favorites of August

Hi dear readers, I haven't posted something in a while now. Mostly because I don't have a good idea of what you would like to read, or simply because I just haven't done something fun. School and internship started again, so I'm having regular boring weeks just like everyone else. To get a break from... Continue Reading →

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