The Jolly Blogger Award

The first Christmas Tag of the year is here! I was nominated by the lovely Danielle of Underland to Wonderland. If you want to see what she answered on the questions click HERE.Let's just jump right into it and start with question number 11. Do you open your Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas... Continue Reading →

Christmas-time in Oberhausen

Hello Lovelies,Yesterday I went to Oberhausen with my parents and sister to get into the Christmas sphere. I mean, if you're not already in the Christmas spirit, Oberhausen Centro is the place to go. The shopping mall is beautifully decorated with floating Christmas trees and outside there is a market with all sorts of cute... Continue Reading →

Appreciating the things we have

Christmas is a time where families gather round to have a family-meal together and cherish all the good things we have and appreciating them. But Christmas is also a time when supermarkets are offering up against each other with an overload of different products and people buying loads of food that they’ll never can finish.... Continue Reading →

Weekend Summary

This weekend was quite a relaxed one. I worked on Friday night and on Saturday we picked up our Christmas tree! We bought it from my classmate who is going to Zambia to build schools and homes for the people there. So the money we paid for the Christmas tree is going to charity. After... Continue Reading →


SourceDecember has arrived, the last month already of 2013. The month of snow, Christmas and New Year's Eve.  I am pretty excited for this month and I wonder when the snow will start to fall in our little country called Holland. I'm also very excited for the Christmas Card Swap  of the lovely Jasmin and I... Continue Reading →

All sorts of things

What a week it was..Christmas, New Years Eve, random partying because, you know it's the holidays, passing my motorcycle driving test. Let's start at the beginning shall we?Christmas, of the people of you that don't live in holland i want you to know that we have 2 days of christmas. Don't ask me why, but... Continue Reading →

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