Malta in pictures

I decided to put some of the best pictures I took on Malta & Gozo. Since I just started out with trying with photography, I want to edit my best photo's and document them here on my blog. I found out that there is not a particular thing I look for in photography, I look at a... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Gozo

On Thursday I decided to visit one of my friends in Gozo. She used to be my roommate in my first apartment that I rented in Malta, but she had to move to Gozo to work there and I eventually moved to another apartment. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit the beautiful... Continue Reading →

Maltese Adventures || 7

Weekend get-away to Gozo.  Me and my friend had booked a weekend away to Gozo, which is a sister-island of Malta. It is really small and it's still very green if you compare it to Malta.Unfortunately, the weather wasn't good at all. It started raining when we got on the ferry and it was really... Continue Reading →

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