I see you baby

I cannot believe how long ago I posted something on my blog! Currently I am in my second year of my study and I am still super busy, which makes me miss out on blogging. But this year I am working on something new together with some other students.As I might have already told you,... Continue Reading →

This is it!

I am officially graduated as an assistant manager international business, got my diploma! *JEEEJ*  Time to start something new! This week i had my introduction week on my new school in Groningen. I am starting a new programme called International Communication and I got myself a student room in Groningen, so I don't have to... Continue Reading →

My holiday last week

I had a holiday last week and i really enjoyed myself. Worked a few days, did fun things and i'm going to share it with you today. On Monday and Tuesday i was just working and  i made banana bread, which you have to finish in a few days otherwise it won't stay fresh.On Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Future Decisions

Hello lovely readers, I hope you all had a nice weekend and can start all fresh and fruity on this mondaymorning. Or maybe you're a little tired but you don't mind because you had an fun-filled saturday nigth. Anyways, my weekend was quite calm. But on saturday I took my mom to an Open day of... Continue Reading →

Last weeks

It's been a while since i posted something on here, but here i am!I've been training for endurance for one week now, but this week i haven't been able to train because of the weather. It's snowing and freezing, so the ground is way to hard to go for a ride. I do have some... Continue Reading →

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