What I did this week

   1. Bought myself running equipment, which i am very happy with. I bought myself some shoes, a pants, a jacket and a shirt. I didn't have time to make pictures of it yet, also the weather outside is very grey, so i can't get a good lighting.2. Arranged an apartment in Malta.We finally know for... Continue Reading →

Weekend summary || 3

Sidney Crosby, Team Canada, sourceBecause it's the Winter Olympics and we can watch German television, we haven't missed one of the ice-hockey games that were played this weekend. Okay, maybe 1 or 2 because we had a housewarming party from my cousin which was very fun! My dad and uncle grew up with ice-hockey and then... Continue Reading →

October List

source: PinterestOctober, the month of falling leaves, nature changing color, mushrooms on the ground and windy/rainy nights. Today I was completely drowning because of the rain and arrived with a soaking wet, sticking to your skin kind of jeans. But, I do love october. I have some fun things planned for the next coming weeks.... Continue Reading →

Week trip day 4 || Icehockey

On tuesday we all went with our guide's to the companies that we're "linked" to us. For us there was an icehockeyclub because we had to try to sell Art-Ice to them. If you want to know exactly what it is you can google it, because i don't want to talk about the product. We... Continue Reading →

Last couple of weeks

I'ts been a while again, but i had holiday from school and i really wanted to chill out because i needed it. But i had some fun things planned too 🙂 And my parents had quite a surprise for me.I started to discover it like this; my mum was picking me up from work with... Continue Reading →

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