Cold in the Forest

Yesterday when I got home I decided to take the horse out of the paddock and go for a ride in the forest. It was very cold though, so I didn't go for a very long time. The forest had this mysterious look, because it was cold but it was also a little misty. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Quote of the week || 2

Today I want to share a quote with you again. And this time it's from two members of The Rolling Stones. It says that the quote is from Mick Jagger but it's also from Keith Richards, because it's from the song Ruby Tuesday (what a coincidence it is Tuesday today!) and they wrote that song... Continue Reading →

Weekend summary || 2

This weekend I should have studied, but there were much more fun things to do. On Saturday we went to Nordhorn which is a small town in Germany and is only a one-hour drive away for us. We ate bratwurst and schnitzels for lunch and then wandered through town.In the evening I headed to the... Continue Reading →

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