Weekend Summary || 1

Source: unknown. If this image belongs to you, please contact medrank: Hot chocolate with a little bit of Baileys. ate: Taco's with guacamole, I've never tried guacamole before but I absolutely love it!wore: Comfortable leggings and my walking shoes. walked: In the woods with the dogs and the familiaenjoyed: watching the Dakar Rally on TV, I mean... Continue Reading →


Time is a weird thing, you can't control it and before you know it, it has slipped away. We always try to make the most of our day, but most of the time it always seems like there are just to little hours in a day. Before there was electricity, people woke up when the... Continue Reading →

Christmas-time in Oberhausen

Hello Lovelies,Yesterday I went to Oberhausen with my parents and sister to get into the Christmas sphere. I mean, if you're not already in the Christmas spirit, Oberhausen Centro is the place to go. The shopping mall is beautifully decorated with floating Christmas trees and outside there is a market with all sorts of cute... Continue Reading →


Hi lovelies,QuietI just wanted to let you know, that I know it might seem a little quiet here on my blog and that's because I'm quite busy at the moment. I have full responsibility at internship now, because my manager is on a holiday. So that's pretty cool, but also very stressful. Today I also... Continue Reading →

Weekend Summary

This weekend was quite a relaxed one. I worked on Friday night and on Saturday we picked up our Christmas tree! We bought it from my classmate who is going to Zambia to build schools and homes for the people there. So the money we paid for the Christmas tree is going to charity. After... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Monday || 3

Source Hello lovelies, this Monday I wanted to let you know that it's okay to distinguish yourself from the others. So if you want to wear that purple leggings, go ahead and do it! Do what you think is right, what you think is fun. Cause there is no one to live your life except for... Continue Reading →


SourceDecember has arrived, the last month already of 2013. The month of snow, Christmas and New Year's Eve.  I am pretty excited for this month and I wonder when the snow will start to fall in our little country called Holland. I'm also very excited for the Christmas Card Swap  of the lovely Jasmin and I... Continue Reading →

Flasback Friday

This picture was taken 5 years ago in Kos, Greece. We were there for the second time and had an amazing holiday. I turned quite tan as you can see. We didn't do a lot that holiday, but we went with a boat on an Island trip. Which was very nice and I made a... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Monday || 2

Hello lovelies,it is time for another inspirational Monday, because most people find Monday's really hard not me. So I will post something every week, it could either be a cute picture, a funny quote or an inspirational quote. To make the Monday's a little more fun.I absolutely agree with this girl, it would be way more... Continue Reading →

Hello November

We are already a week into November and we can say "hello" to the cold autumn weather right now. The leaves are already abandoning the trees and are being carried away by the wind.Here are some things that will happen / I want to happen in November:1. Having a sleep-over at my best friends place... Continue Reading →

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