Favorites Friday

I want to share my favorites of the week with you on Friday, like music, clothes, apps, blogs, books etc.1. Book: The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell, it's a book from the Wallander series and it's about a man that just disappeared and no one knows why, then a few days later his wife disappears... Continue Reading →


Hi lovelies,QuietI just wanted to let you know, that I know it might seem a little quiet here on my blog and that's because I'm quite busy at the moment. I have full responsibility at internship now, because my manager is on a holiday. So that's pretty cool, but also very stressful. Today I also... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Monday || 2

Hello lovelies,it is time for another inspirational Monday, because most people find Monday's really hard not me.┬áSo I will post something every week, it could either be a cute picture, a funny quote or an inspirational quote. To make the Monday's a little more fun.I absolutely agree with this girl, it would be way more... Continue Reading →

October List

source: PinterestOctober, the month of falling leaves, nature changing color, mushrooms on the ground and windy/rainy nights. Today I was completely drowning because of the rain and arrived with a soaking wet, sticking to your skin kind of jeans. But, I do love october. I have some fun things planned for the next coming weeks.... Continue Reading →

Winter / Autumn shopping

I decided it was time for a wintercoat, because the temperatures in the morning had reached 3 degrees Celcius. I had hoped I could wear my red leather(fake) jacket forever, but I guess it's too cold to keep hanging on to it.So I went into town and visited a few shops, but because I drive... Continue Reading →

Summerholiday week 3

I have summerholiday for a while now and today my 3rd week started. Last week I started my holidaywork at an online clothingshop. It's quite hard work and inside of the building it's really hot, because they don't have any air-conditioning or windows that you can open. So everyone works in shorts and sleeveless shirts.... Continue Reading →

Holiday & Festivals

Im not very consistent with making blogposts, but i don't feel like writing blogposts if i haven't done anything interesting. But the last 2 weeks i've had a holiday and i went on a little holiday with my friend to an dutch island called Terschelling. It is known as an party island, so we were... Continue Reading →

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