The Jolly Blogger Award

The first Christmas Tag of the year is here! I was nominated by the lovely Danielle of Underland to Wonderland. If you want to see what she answered on the questions click HERE.Let's just jump right into it and start with question number 11. Do you open your Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas... Continue Reading →

Less Worrying, More Enjoying

I worry too much, about paying bills. Or thinking that it’s maybe better to stay at home because the next week I have nightshifts all week long. But in the meantime I am daydreaming about roadtrips through America, Backpacking through Europe and travel to countries I have never been, to places I’ve never seen.A lot... Continue Reading →

Interior Inspiration

Tomorrow I will receive the keys of my new "home" where I will be living for the next 4 years.Because I am going to college this September to start my new study in the city Groningen. Which is an awesome city where a lot of students live. And soon, I am going to be one... Continue Reading →


Hello lovely people.I know I have been neglecting my blog for 2 weeks now which wasn't the plan but it happened. So here is a quick update on what I've been doing lately.Last Saturday I was sleeping over at my friends house and we were going out that evening. But suddenly she wanted to dress... Continue Reading →

Start of a new series

As some of you know I will leave to Malta for 12 weeks, there I will have a work placement at a company and attend school to work on my English. I want to keep you all up-to-date about my adventures in Malta, so that's why I want to start a new series, for the... Continue Reading →

quote of the week || 4

I am quite an adventurous person, i like to go to countries i have never been, learn about new cultures etc. My parents don't always like it, because i spend a lot of time outdoors, with friends, going out to different places. But i don't like routines, do every same thing the whole week through.... Continue Reading →

Cold in the Forest

Yesterday when I got home I decided to take the horse out of the paddock and go for a ride in the forest. It was very cold though, so I didn't go for a very long time. The forest had this mysterious look, because it was cold but it was also a little misty. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Starting off new and fresh

Hello dear readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a banging New Year's Eve party. I sure had a fun time, but this morning when my alarm clock I had trouble to get out of bed. Let's be honest here, Mondays are extra difficult after a holiday. But I am going to... Continue Reading →

Christmas-time in Oberhausen

Hello Lovelies,Yesterday I went to Oberhausen with my parents and sister to get into the Christmas sphere. I mean, if you're not already in the Christmas spirit, Oberhausen Centro is the place to go. The shopping mall is beautifully decorated with floating Christmas trees and outside there is a market with all sorts of cute... Continue Reading →


Hi lovelies,QuietI just wanted to let you know, that I know it might seem a little quiet here on my blog and that's because I'm quite busy at the moment. I have full responsibility at internship now, because my manager is on a holiday. So that's pretty cool, but also very stressful. Today I also... Continue Reading →

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