Good Vibes, Good Life: Book Review

I recently ordered the book Good Vibes, Good Life written by Vex King. Because of the current situation, I am doing a lot of online shopping and looking at things that can help me develop myself. Then I stumbled upon this book and had read so many good comments about it that I decided to... Continue Reading →

Favorites Friday

I want to share my favorites of the week with you on Friday, like music, clothes, apps, blogs, books etc.1. Book: The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell, it's a book from the Wallander series and it's about a man that just disappeared and no one knows why, then a few days later his wife disappears... Continue Reading →

Hello November

We are already a week into November and we can say "hello" to the cold autumn weather right now. The leaves are already abandoning the trees and are being carried away by the wind.Here are some things that will happen / I want to happen in November:1. Having a sleep-over at my best friends place... Continue Reading →

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