Being pregnant in Malta

What to expect? Doctor's appointments, support schemes, and baby stuff! Being pregnant is already a super exciting thing, and if it's your first child then everything is new and you don't really know what to expect. Then being pregnant in a foreign country is another thing. I found out I was pregnant at the end... Continue Reading →

Malta in pictures

I decided to put some of the best pictures I took on Malta & Gozo. Since I just started out with trying with photography, I want to edit my best photo's and document them here on my blog. I found out that there is not a particular thing I look for in photography, I look at a... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Gozo

On Thursday I decided to visit one of my friends in Gozo. She used to be my roommate in my first apartment that I rented in Malta, but she had to move to Gozo to work there and I eventually moved to another apartment. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit the beautiful... Continue Reading →

Mdina, Malta

Last Saturday I decided to leave the house and go to Mdina. I wanted to practice with the camera, and Mdina is just perfect for that with its narrow streets and unique doorknockers.Another reason why Mdina is nice to visit is that there are no cars allowed. If you want to, you can take the... Continue Reading →

Back to the island

Yes, you read that correctly, I'm back on the island. Back in Malta to be more specific. As you might have read in one of my other posts on the blog, I am spending this year abroad for my study. I spent 5 months in Madrid attending a university and the other 5 months are... Continue Reading →

How Malta changed my life

Only 8 days left on this beautiful island called Malta. The island where I met a lot of lovely people from different countries and cultures. The island where I found out that it's not about how you look or what you own, but to discover the beauty of people on the inside.  The island where... Continue Reading →

Maltese Adventures || 7

Weekend get-away to Gozo.  Me and my friend had booked a weekend away to Gozo, which is a sister-island of Malta. It is really small and it's still very green if you compare it to Malta.Unfortunately, the weather wasn't good at all. It started raining when we got on the ferry and it was really... Continue Reading →

Maltese adventures || 6

From Qrendi to the Blue Grotto and the Hagar Qim temples.I am so sorry for my absence on the blog. Lately I was trying to enjoy more of the moment itself and what kind of experiences I have here, then focusing on the blog.A few weeks ago I went on a walk again with my... Continue Reading →

Maltese adventures || 5

From Cirkewwa to Mellieha Bay. Last Friday we did another walk on the other side of the island. First, we had to take the bus and then start our walk at the ferries that go to Gozo, which is a sister Island of Malta. Also known as Paradise Bay. When you look at the picture... Continue Reading →

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