Cold in the Forest

Yesterday when I got home I decided to take the horse out of the paddock and go for a ride in the forest. It was very cold though, so I didn't go for a very long time. The forest had this mysterious look, because it was cold but it was also a little misty. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Last weeks

It's been a while since i posted something on here, but here i am!I've been training for endurance for one week now, but this week i haven't been able to train because of the weather. It's snowing and freezing, so the ground is way to hard to go for a ride. I do have some... Continue Reading →

Lazy Sunday

Saturday evening it started snowing. I wasn´t too happy with that, because i wanted to go horseriding more often since i have two horses at home. But on sunday morning me and my dad went for a ride in the forrest anyway. It was pretty cold, but we didn´t mind because we had a warm... Continue Reading →

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