Weekend in Gozo

On Thursday I decided to visit one of my friends in Gozo. She used to be my roommate in my first apartment that I rented in Malta, but she had to move to Gozo to work there and I eventually moved to another apartment. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit the beautiful... Continue Reading →

Easter Weekend

On Easter I went to my parent's house to relax and enjoy my extra long weekend. My parents had a birthday from my aunt, but the weather was so nice that I didn't feel like traveling in the car for 2 hours and talking to a lot of strangers there. This was actually the first... Continue Reading →

Weekend Summary || 4

This weekend the weather was outstanding good. On Saturday I was going to be home alone, but I went with my dad to a Home & Garden Show where he had to be in a stand for a company. We sat inside all day which wasn't that nice, but all in all we had a... Continue Reading →

Time to get back on schedule

Last weekend me and my classmates went away to stay a weekend in a cabin somewhere in the woods. We had no teachers with us, because we wanted to have fun this weekend.  In about 2 months, most of us will leave for an internship abroad of 12 weeks and when we graduate some of... Continue Reading →

Weekend summary || 2

This weekend I should have studied, but there were much more fun things to do. On Saturday we went to Nordhorn which is a small town in Germany and is only a one-hour drive away for us. We ate bratwurst and schnitzels for lunch and then wandered through town.In the evening I headed to the... Continue Reading →

Weekend Summary || 1

Source: unknown. If this image belongs to you, please contact medrank: Hot chocolate with a little bit of Baileys. ate: Taco's with guacamole, I've never tried guacamole before but I absolutely love it!wore: Comfortable leggings and my walking shoes. walked: In the woods with the dogs and the familiaenjoyed: watching the Dakar Rally on TV, I mean... Continue Reading →

Weekend Summary

This weekend was quite a relaxed one. I worked on Friday night and on Saturday we picked up our Christmas tree! We bought it from my classmate who is going to Zambia to build schools and homes for the people there. So the money we paid for the Christmas tree is going to charity. After... Continue Reading →

It’s Friday!!

Hello everyone! Today is friday.. which means that tonight I have my last night shift and after that my weekend starts! I'm sleeping over tonight at my friends place and Saturdaynight we are going out in Groningen. Which is a bigger city then we live in and it's fun because there are a lot of... Continue Reading →

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